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Forensic Sciences

AnatHomic Solutions


Anatomic Pathology


AnatHomic Solutions is the result of 30 years of effort, dedication, commitment, experience, and above all a vocation to serve our clients. With a technical office made up of highly qualified engineers and with the most sophisticated tools, AnatHomic Solutions offer comprehensive technical solutions to the needs of our clients. With more than 2000 square meters of facilities, AnatHomic Solutions manufacture each of projects to measure, taking care of the details and pampering the finishes.

Feather Blades


Blade specialty for Histology and Pathology


Feather was the first Japanese company to make replaceable blade razors. Feather carries out thoroughgoing management of all of the products at the factories in Japan without relying on overseas production, and Feather will continue to pursue the quality that can only be made in Japan and that can only be created at Feather as ever.




Special Staining Kits & Reagents


ScyTek Laboratories was founded in 1991 with the goal of becoming a world class manufacturing company producing reagents for the life sciences market. From the early days producing ELISA reagents, ScyTek has gradually expanded its production capabilities to include Immunohistochemistry Reagents, Special Stains, Routine Stains, Buffers, Mounting Media, Fixatives, Diluents and a wide variety of custom reagents.




Consumable and Reusable Laboratory Products


Simport Scientific is a manufacturer of disposable plasticware offering a wide range of innovative products for all laboratories around the globe. They have been servicing the scientific community for 40 years and are always striving to offer you the most complete line of disposable plastic labware.